Screaming for the Hills

April 17, 2018

During our trip we squeezed in a few days of whatever the weather fun at The Great Wolf Lodge. This hotel is totally geared towards families and kids. Its a grown ups nightmare. There, I said it. Before kids the idea of staying at a place like this would send me running, screaming for the hills. All of the over stimulation, the loud, bright, chaotic ambiance of hundreds of families all staying under the same hotel roof, is my idea of purgatory. But post kids, this is exactly the type of place you go, cos this exactly the type of place they LOVE. And my 2 loved it. The indoor water park? LOVED. The extensive range of activities like rock climbing, mini golfing, gem panning, bowling and the ceiling ropes course? LOVED, LOVED and LOVED. In the evenings they had bingo, bubble dance parties and story time. This place truly catered to every element of kid enjoyment. And as long as the boys are having a good time, then I’m having a good time, even if it is at a place that 5 plus years go, would have sent me running, screaming for the hills.

3 days and no less then 6 hours each day spent at the hotel’s water park. They never tired of it.

Keane really enjoying the spray poles.

Cullen however was completely offended by them.

When we weren’t at the water park, we made our rounds through most of the other activities.

Panning for gems.

The boys were awful mini golfers. Keane barely patient waiting to tee off as Cullen almost climbs his way through the frog tunnel in his efforts to get his ball through.

Finally, with the little bother out of the way, Keane was clear to tee off.

A questionable technique for sure.

But the end result was a ball in the hole. Happy Cullen.

A slightly better putting technique from Keane.

After golf we hit the low level ropes course to practice rope crossing with a harness.

Low level ropes course complete, now its time to go up, to the high level ceiling ropes course.

Thats me and boys up there in the rafters. The Husband was the photographer for these. He likes to believe he’s just as good at photo capturing as me. However, I have some criticisms, but my standards maybe a tad bit high.

Courageous Keane on his maiden crossing.

Cullen surprised me with his very casual, showing no fear approach to each rope crossing.

The boys.


During our trip we had planned to take the boys skiing and snowboarding for the first time. But early Spring and the snow on the slopes has started to thin out, fast. So no skiing or snowboarding was going to happen this time around. But we still went to check the slopes out anyway.

No skis, no problem. Running shoes work just as well.

Seasons Change

April 15, 2018

Not a productive weekend as far as photo sharing on the blog went. But productive as far as getting ourselves outside to enjoy the warm and toasty, sunshine filled Spring weather that has finally hit. Shorts and t-shirt weather is almost upon us and summer plans are beginning to get talked about and figured out. The heat is coming, so I need to get to sharing the last of the photos from our Winter’ish Spring Break. Its on my “to-do” list for the day.

The Randomness of Spring

April 11, 2018

With literally hit the ground running upon arrival in Massachusetts. It was Easter Sunday, there was an egg hunt scheduled and our cousins Paul and James had waited, patiently, all day for Keane and Cullen to arrive. Within minutes of us pulling into their driveway, they were armed with bags, racing through the back garden and surrounding forest for Easter Bunny egg scatterings. And there were loads.

On your marks, get set, hunt!!

The only time you’ll see Cullen in full on ‘eye of the tiger” mode, is when there’s candy on the line.

With Cullen off on a hunting frenzy, the other boys take a more leisurely approach.

James has caught up and teamed up with Cullen.


Keane on the gathering trail.

Paul finds a rare and interesting egg.

Keane with another jackpot! egg find.

Jackpot! egg for Paul too.

James the hunt director.

The older boys do one last sweep of the area to ensure no egg got overlooked.

Easter Egg Hunt Group Photo!

Inside to crack open these babies.

The next morning we woke to find a cheeky little snow storm had blown into town. Spring in Massachusetts can be very random, so we arrived prepared, with all of our snow clothes.

Keane excited to zip-line in the snow.

Cullen pretended he didn’t want to zip-line, but we made him and he loved it.

Unfortunately Paul & James did not have Spring Break, so while they spent their day in school, we spent ours running wild in the snow storm.

Chilly Break

April 9, 2018

We’re back from our Massachusetts mini break. And true, while most people were migrating south towards coastal beaches for a warmer, sunnier Spring Break experience, we went North, towards chilly winds, snow fall and rain. But we enjoyed every second of it. Will of course begin the Spring Break photo share soon.

Always a good time when you get to see cousins, and hunt for oversized treasured eggs.

Happy Easter!

April 1, 2018

Easter Sunday and we are out of here. The boys have their Spring Break week from school, so we jumped on a plane and headed to not so warmer parts. We’re in Massachusetts for the week. Hanging with cousins and taking a break from real life. Before we left we spent our Easter Saturday decorating eggs with Keane’s friend, Ella. And let me just say, I was so glad it was a warm sunny day cos this project was all kinds of a sloppy mess, exactly what I’d expected it to be. But a sunny day means you can take that mess outside. Once egg decorating was complete, Keane and Ella decided they were packing up and heading off on their own adventure. The adventure was camping under a bush in a remote part of our garden. And we let them. They did find the perfect tent like bush, set up camp and enjoyed a few snacks in their new accommodations. But the bugs, the approaching dusk and the fear of darkness and suddenly they talked about maybe doing it a different time. Keane’s “get out of camping card” was his announcement that he needed to pack for Massachusetts. And Ella’s was to blame her mom, “my mom probably wont’t let me”. Either way they both reassured each other that it was ok not to see this camping idea through to completion. But they would definitely do it again soon.

Egg decorating.

Bag packed, off on their camping expedition.