Culture Vulture

January 15, 2014

Yesterday Keane and I spent a little time exploring our cultural side. Recently, I discovered one of our local Art Museums does a “Toddler Morning” every few weeks. Basically this means the museum removes all of their free standing, very expensive art pieces and sculptures from the gallery floors, leaving only whats on the walls and maybe the odd weighty and proven child resilient piece on display. Then they open up their doors to the smaller and more curious members of the community, giving them complete freedom to explore. At the end of the gallery exploration, the kids are then brought into one of the museum studios and given a themed piece to work on. Initially I was a little nervous, at just 19 months old I was afraid Keane was still a little on the young side to really enjoy what was happening, but he LOVED it. He yelled with excitement, pointing out all of the things that were familiar in most of the paintings. A tree, a boat, a man with an umbrella, a dog standing next to a truck. Every time he saw something he recognized, he beamed and pointed furiously to make sure I saw it too. Then it was time to hit the studio. This week the theme was “self portraits”. One of the museum staff penned a quick portrait of each of the kids and then they were set free to decorate and color themselves however they wanted. Keane’s artistic tools of choice were crayons, glitter glue and paint. Much of which actually ended up on his portrait, the rest, on his hands.

Absorbing his new environment.

Time for a little hands on action.

This artist is very serious about his finger painting, each finger must be painted to precisely match his vision.

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