Lets Get Physical

December 28, 2013

This weekend we have 2 of The Husband’s cousins staying with us. Well, they are his cousin’s sons, which would make them our 2nd cousins, I think. I’m not really great with family math beyond immediate family members. Either way, we are excited to have them here. The main reason for their visit is to get physically abused by The Husband. Joey and James are 2 very talented sportsmen. Joey in baseball and James in track, and since they are both on Christmas break from school, they decided to take advantage of the time off and pop down to do some speed and strength work with The Husband. This morning their workout involved some nasty repeat hill runs. So Keane and I tagged along to offer the boys a little moral support. But never one to sit on the sidelines, after observing Joey and James first couple of sets, Keane decided to was ready to jump in and do some working out himself.

Like every good athlete he started with a warm-up, prisoner squats.

Keane watches the boys take off for their final hill run.

Then he takes off right after them.

Half way up Keane bumps into the boys who are on their way down.

James gives Keane an encouraging high-five.

Then he heads off to run the rest of the way to the top.

Made it!

Very proud of himself.

While the boys are cooling down, Daddy and Keane race to a nearby tree.

Trying hard, but not quite strong enough to push it over.

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