Merry Christmas 2013

December 25, 2013

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and here’s hoping you all surrendered to the joy, chaos and overindulgence that goes along with every Christmas Day. For the first time in I don’t know how many years, we opted not to pack up and travel the skies between Europe and the U.S. Instead we enjoyed a pretty low-key celebration in our new home. It felt weird not to be around the rest of the family, but with the aid of a little Skype, we made sure to check in on at least a small part of everyone else’s day. And just in case your curious, here’s a look at how our Christmas morning went with Keane.

After our 6.30am wake up call, compliments of Keane, we headed downstairs to see what Santa brought.

Something you may not know about my son, he loves everything footwear. He’s not only particular about the shoes or boots he chooses to wear every day, but he is also big on selecting the shoes or boots Mammy and Daddy should wear each day. So you can imagine his joy when he opened one of his gifts and found these kick-ass Elmo boots inside.

When your a choo-choo train fan like my little guy, you can never have enough choo-choos.

Helping Daddy assemble the new set.

Eventually Keane got around to checking out the biggest gift, his very own red wagon.

After breakfast we hit the trails and enjoyed a chilly morning hike. Keane has reached an age where he flat out refuses to be in his backpack, instead he insists on walking or running everywhere by himself.

A quick pit-stop to check out some ice.

Then we are off and running again.

A future hurdler???

Absolutely loves the recklessness of running downhill.

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