Thanksgiving Gobble Jog 2013

November 29, 2013

This year Thanksgiving 2013 was slightly different than previous Thanksgivings. Every year I start the day off by competing in the annual Gobble Jog 5k, and while this year I continued to partake, I wasn’t a running competitor, I was one of the walking competitors. Being an explosive 7 months pregnant meant my participation in the yearly event would have to be downgraded to a stroll. And while it stung a little not to be amongst the running elite, walking meant I got to slow down and enjoy the event alongside The Husband and Keane. Yep, Keane participated in his first ever Gobble Jog 5k and of course he did amazing.

While I wasn’t one of the runners, I was there at the start line to cheer on my 2 friends, Mike and Rachel who were running.

The Gobble Jog Turkey in the pace car.

The Husband and Keane also offering our friends a little sideline support. Can you tell it was cold?

And the 2013 Gobble Joggers are off.

Once the elite group had passed, it was time for the recreational participants to head off.

Keane was happy to sit in the stroller for the first mile or so, but eventually he wanted to be out running alongside everyone else.

And for some reason he was all about following the yellow lines.

My little athlete was easily distracted by his surroundings, first there was the crunchy leaves.

Then there was the sewer caps.

We got into a nice running rythme next to Daddy,

but then we came across some big orange road cones.

So of course they needed a thorough inspection.

The little legs started to get tired.

So we bummed a ride off Daddy for a while.

Then it was back to racing.

An hour in and we finally have the finish line in sight.

My little Gobble Jogger approaches the finish.

Just as Keane was about to cross the line, the crowd started clapping and cheering for him, which made him stop for a few minutes so he could look around and figure what was going on.

Eventually he took the final steps to cross the finish.

Family shot.

2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Gobble Jog 2013”

  1. Angie says:

    Starting like he means to go on! Great running Keane.
    You still don’t look pregnant Karen. No sign of a bump. Lovely family shot.

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Ang, there is A LOT hidden under that puffy jacket. A LOT.

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