Break Out the Puddle Suit

November 17, 2013

While we were in Ireland last September I bought Keane this little puddle suit. Now I’m fully aware that the place we currently live, does not experience the huge amounts of rainfall we Irish are accustom to, but my son is very much the outdoorsie type, so really I was anticipating the day it would rain and my having to try and explain to a possibly hysterical toddler that going outside, was not an option. In my mind having a puddle suit (just in case), was going to save us both from a world of overly heightened emotion and frustration.

Well as luck would have it, today was in fact that “just in case” day. Not only was it raining, but Daddy had rented himself a little bob-cat to do some tree removing and brush clearing, and without the puddle suit, I would have stood absolutely zero chance of convincing my son that no, he could not go out to help and watch Daddy play with his new borrowed toy. Instead, due to excessive precipitation, he would have to remain inside, watching all of the manly fun go down through watery, distressed eyes. You can just imagine how well that conversation would not have went. So today I am not too modest to call myself a good mother for my boy scout like skills in “Being Prepardness” (there maybe a little word embellishment going on here to support my argument).

Fully suited up and ready to help Daddy.

Real men get their hands dirty when they work.

Even Crooked was ready and willing to be of assistance.

YAY! Water!

Keane, watched closely by Dexter and Crooked, helps by dragging some tree debris to the discarded tree pile.

Baby pride.

2 Responses to “Break Out the Puddle Suit”

  1. Edward Shinkins says:

    Hi Sis

    Great pics as always. Have the little man earning his keep now :)

  2. Sarah Shinkins says:

    He looks lovely in his puddle suit, a great little helper!

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