Happy Halloween 2013

October 31, 2013

Its been a jam packed Halloween Day for Keane and the rest of us. The scary festivities got started really early. For us, there was no waiting until dusk to start our candy hoarding. We kicked off the morning with a “Trunk or Treat” party at Keane’s school and we ended the evening with the traditional “Trick or Treat” crawl around a nearby neighborhood.

Now that he’s a whole year older, Keane had a little input into his costume choice and being a bit of a Thomas the Train fan, he decided that Train Driver was the look to rock for 2013.

With his 4-legged besties, Dexter and Crooked.

Then it was off to school for a costume parade and a little “Trunk or Treating”. Keane was so confused by the goings on, he really didn’t know if he should be laughing or crying.

So he went with the crying briefly.

Then he realized people were giving him things to put in his little pumpkin bucket and all of a sudden life was good.

The non-walking babies got their own personal chauffeur.

But this ladybug really wanted to walk with the bigger babies.

Keane got comfortable enough to start helping himself to some of the candy stashes.

With his teacher and some of his classmates.

Back to the classroom to fill up on some sugar.

Then turning that sugar into fuel for climbing.

In the evening it was time to join the boys and girls at a nearby neighborhood for some “Trick or Treating”.

Our friend Mike helps Keane with his candy selection.

In a big hurry to get to the next house, not because of the candy…..

…but because the lady had a kitty-cat.

Loving the cat more than the candy.

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