Baby Hudson is 6 Months Old

October 29, 2013

I’ve had my new camera for less than a week, but already its racking up the photographic miles. The day after its arrival I put it straight to work capturing the 6 month photos of an adorable little blue eyed boy with fiery red hair named Hudson.

Hudson’s dad is a huge Tennessee football fan, so it was of the utmost importance that we start our shoot off capturing a few photos of Hudson rocking the team colors as well as wearing dad’s favorite and lucky Tennessee hat.

During our shoot Hudson was very cautious in revealing any of his emotions, but there were definite moments when he let his guard down ever so slightly and I was able to capture a hint of a smile in his pudgy little face and big blue eyes.

Already working on his standing skills.

The next few shots are some of my favorites, Hudson hanging out with 2 of his best cuddly friends.

Trying really hard not to smile.

Looking Fall sharp in his plaid and argyle.

Cute, cute, cuuuute.

Discovering the wonderment of feet.

Adorable mom and baby shot to end on.

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