Irish Vacation Catch Up

September 23, 2013

Its time to get caught up. We’ve been in Ireland for 6 days now and have spent most of it in the fabulous coastal county of Kerry. My bestfriend got married here over the weekend in the remote but picturesque Parknasilla hotel which sits right on top of the cliffs edge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The day of her wedding I was proud to stand next to her as one of her bridesmaids, but was even more honored that she also asked me to photograph her special day. If your wondering how I pulled off both jobs at once, your not alone. Lets just say it was crazy, but fun and I honestly could not have done it without the help of my good friend Nicola Coffey. I look forward be blogging a little about the wedding next week.

During our time at Parknasilla we had little to no Wifi access which took a good day or so to adjust too, but in the end it gave us the perfect opportunity to fully enjoy and explore everything this little corner of the country had to offer.

A view of the Kerry Mountains on our way to Parknasilla.

The fabulous Parknasilla Hotel.

Keane became immediate friends with the hotel kitty cat.

Kitty even joined us for a portion of our morning walk.

Daddy and Keane enjoy the coastal view.

A little stone throwing into the Atlantic.

A big hike for a wee man.

So eventually we bummed a ride off Daddy.

Being in the land of Leprechauns and Fairies it would be wrong not to spend an afternoon on the Fairy Trail hunting for fairies.

Keane thinks he found one.

And he was right.

He knocked, but nobody answered, so Keane just let himself right in.

The first of the fallen leaves.

The coastal sunset.

As enjoyed by my wee man.

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