Turnaround Trip

September 15, 2013

We are back from our Columbus, Ohio trip and I’m excited to share some of the amazing wedding photos I captured of Molly and Reed later in the week. Now however the focus has to be on our unpacking, then repacking as we get ready to cross the pond to Ireland. Why is there never enough hours in the day and why do humans need sleep anyway? Those are the 2 stand out questions I’ll be asking myself over and over again until I’m sitting on the plane bound for the homeland. But while I busy myself culling and editing some of my favorite images from Molly & Reed’s wedding, I’d like you to enjoy some photos of our weekend trip to Columbus from Keane’s perspective.

Not being from the city of Columbus, I took some time the day before the wedding to check out the Church where the ceremony was to be held, as well as the reception location. Keane recommend I shoot from on top of the Church wall, much better angle.

Because he was so patient with our location scouting, Keane got to check out a local park we stumbled across.

Its hard to know who really enjoys our time at the park more, Daddy or Keane?

Wedding day, and as I dashed around capturing all the pivotal moments of the day, I had to pause and make sure I got some of my handsome man rocking his big boy attire and adorable shoes.

One thing I discovered at the reception, my son knows how to party and he has an eye for the ladies. Putting the moves on the flower girl.

Things didn’t really work out between Keane and the flower girl, so he decided to switch his attention to the bride herself.

One beer too many.

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  1. Edward Shinkins says:

    The little man knows how to party and get his groove on with the ladies already. Sorted

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