The Game of Travel

September 10, 2013

Its gearing up to be a busy September. We hit the road this week for a little wedding world touring. First stop Columbus, Ohio for our friends Molly and Reed’s wedding. Then next week we are Ireland bound for my bestfriend Derval’s wedding. I’m both excited and anxious. Keane is older now and constantly on the move, so he is for sure past the stage where sitting on my lap and observing his fellow passengers is all the fun he needs. Nope, now its all about investigation, exploration and crawling under and over everything. And, least we forget his recent dislike and stubborn physical protests to hearing the word “No”. This is definitely going to make for some very interesting plane rides. Wish us/me luck.

However, until our departure we will continue to focus on the things that make us happy, like checking out the ducks at our local park, and of course running. Running everywhere.

2 Responses to “The Game of Travel”

  1. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Lovely pics Karen! Hope you have a great trip to Ireland. Keane is taking after you with the running. Hope you are keeping well :)

  2. Edward Shinkins says:

    Hi sis

    Great pictures as always. Little man is looking great.

    Looking forward to seeing you all


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