Room For 1 More

August 29, 2013

Keane is proud to share the news with everyone (although I think most people know at this point) that in just over 5 months, he’s going to be a BIG brother. Yes, momma finally relented on her decision to only have one baby. She has put her selfish needs for sleep, alone time, date nights, girlie nights, adult conversations, alcohol, long runs for solitude, watching non-animated TV shows or listening to gangsta rap full of catchy profanities aside for a few more years (well, months in the case of alcohol, cos at this stage, this mother will take what she can get) all in the name of avoiding any feelings of guilt or regret in the years to come that I was the reason Keane somehow missed out on having a “Stand by Me childhood. So February 2014, we will welcome a brand new baby Shinkins-Doyle.

Keane initially showed very little interest in his future brother or sister, until I explained that there was a baba in the picture, then he became more curious.

Then he got all Hannibal Lecter and thought it would be hilarious to eat his future brother or sister.

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  1. nicola says:

    Think we will come over and help u out the next one I must put that on my list for 2014 visit to Atlanta!!!

  2. Jennifer Ade says:

    I love this!! What a great job getting the news out baby Keane! Congrats to your family Karen XOXO!

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