The First Cut

August 17, 2013

There was the beginnings of a definite mullet forming in the back of my baby’s head, and small little curls were starting to fall over each his ears. There was no denying that it was now time for Keane to have his first haircut. The Husband had insisted that he would be the one to give Keane his first cut. But with hair as soft as a baby duck, I had horrible visions of my son losing not only all of his hair, but his entire scalp to The Husband’s overly aggressive vacuum and shred style clippers. So today, with The Husband far far away in the land of Russia, I took Keane to get his very first trim.

Everything was going fine. Keane choose himself a little police car seat to sit in and was happily pretending to drive, when all of a sudden the hair stylist dared to come over and buckle him into his seat, you know, just to make sure he wouldn’t fall out. With the distinct loss of freedom and open dislike for restriction, Keane lost it. Here we are in full melt down mode. Tears, snots, all of it.

Then all of a sudden, everything was fine. The tears stopped just as quickly as they started.

But just to let me know he wasn’t fully over it, Keane gave me one last angry face, flashing all 4 of his teeth to make sure I understood that he was really pissed. Then suddenly, he was over it again and looking very sharp with his new do.

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  1. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Aah god love him, he’s getting so big. A real little man ;)

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