Toddler Hulk

August 11, 2013

Am a broken women. And my silence on the blog front all this week, is a direct result of that brokenness. I’ve put in what can only be described as the toughest week ever in my short life as a mother. Literally overnight my sweet, happy, energetic toddler did a complete 180 and became a baby I did not recognize nor was I prepared for. He has in essence morphed into the Incredible Hulk of toddlers.

True the 5 consecutive sleepless nights due to teething pain have done nothing to help either of our daylight moods. But on top of that I learned this week that my baby does not like to be told “no“. In fact, the word “no” has become a type of trigger for him. A trigger that once fired will result in a complete and utter meltdown. We are talking meltdowns of the throw ourselves on the floor, screaming, kicking and often a touch of rigidness kind. The ultimate and every mothers worst nightmare style meltdown.  And I never saw it coming. In fact, the first time it happened, I was sure I was dreaming. “Surely not my child? He’s just so perfect”. Yet there it was, happening in real time, right in front of me. My little Bruce Banner had had his anger ignited by the word “no” and now I was to suffer the wrath of the Toddler Hulk. The incident repeated itself a further 2 more times throughout the week and thank goodness each time we were in the privacy of our own home. Had all this gone down in a public place, am not sure what I would have done.

But it wasn’t all teething and tantrums this week, it was also a week of fun and discovery as Keane got busy with his new favorite toy, Mr. Potato Head. Big “Thank You” to cousin Paul and James for sending this to Keane. He loves it.

Keane and I spent a lot of time putting together a variety of faces for Mr. Potato Head as I sang all the songs I could think of relating to eyes, ears, noses and mouths. Eventually I left him to his own devices to create and explore.

And this is the Mr. Potato Head my clever little man created. I LOVE it. I wonder if this is really how Keane sees the human face?

Ta-Dah”. Very proud of his creation.

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