Last Day Of Visit

July 29, 2013

For the final day of cousin Paul and James visit, we packed in as much little boy friendly action as possible. Starting with a trip to the park.

Having mastered the coming down part of the slide, Keane decides he’s ready to tackle climbing back up, the non-steps way.

Paul the expert climber.

Keane trying to copy Paul.

Its taken much practice and many’s a bumped head, but Keane has finally gotten the hang of going under objects with enough head space to avoid any more bumps.

Dear World, I promise my sister-in-law and I are doing our best to raise some fine upstanding well adjusted men, but sometimes they go rogue.

Little monkeys.

Sunday evening The Husband returned from a trip to Europe and thats when the fun of a reckless, four-wheeled kind began.

Big Paul and little Paul.

Big Paul and James.

Daddy and Keane.

Yes Keane looks concerned now, but something tells me he will eventually grow to love it, and thats the worrying part.

2 Responses to “Last Day Of Visit”

  1. Dinara says:

    Great photos, Karen!!! Thank you for having us over! Kids are already planning their next trip. :)

  2. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Hi Karen, the photos you have taken of the boys over the weekend are lovely. Looks like they had a ball and Keane had some great company with the big boys! Would def love to try Legoland out sometime.

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