Boys, Boys, Boys

July 26, 2013

Its an all boys weekend. Keane’s cousins Paul and James are visiting from Boston, so I’m tapping into the tom-boy side of my multiple personalities to ensure that they have a hella good time while they are here. Today it was all about pure masculine strength and creativity as we hit up the ever colorful Legoland.

You’d be forgiven for believing, based on the photographic evidence below, that all 3 boys were being dragged to said Legoland against their will, but I assure you, they all came willingly and were actually very excited to be there. I swear.

Definite signs of joy creeping in on that face.

James was very good at making sure Keane was well protected against his boisterous fellow Legolanders.

Then the building got underway.

Doyle Boy Construction now open for business.

The 3 boys tackle the building project from their varying heights (left), while Keane tests the security of the window frame (right). That or we are watching a future cat burglar in action.

Providing James with a little guidance.




Sometimes a man just needs a minute to rest.

And sometimes he just needs a minute to play.

Bedtime has just become another opportunity for playtime.

Cuties, all 3 of them.

This photo will definintely accompany my application for “Aunt of the Year”. I totally rocked story-time.

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