Photo Bloopers

June 28, 2013

The world of capturing babies is not always as glamourous as it looks. Those moments of adorable belly laughs, big gummy smilies, clapping of hands and waving bye-byes can be the hardest thing in the world to capture. It takes endurance, it takes energy, it takes patients and it takes creativity. Behind the scenes all kinds of photographer tricks, ridiculous faces, overly animated noises, not to mention every kind of dangly, sound producing toy is being utilized and overly so, in the hopes of getting just that spilt second of eye contact, laughter or cheeky faced expression. You learn very quickly that when it comes to capturing babies, you better have the reflexes of a preying cheetah otherwise you are in danger of missing some of the simplest, more wonderful of baby moments.

If your a regular blog visitor you will remember a few weeks ago I captured Keane’s 1 year photos (click here for instant flashback), cute, right? Well let me take a minute to share with you some of the stuff you didn’t see going on behind-the-scenes in our mad effort to capture all of that cuteness.

It really does help if you can have another person around to assist. Most of the time when I’m shooting Keane, I don’t, but with his 1 year photos I knew I was planning to include some balloons which would 1. look great and very celebratory, but 2. would serve as a major distraction to baby Keane. So I planned to do the shoot when my bestie Derval was around to help get him refocused .

Ok, so remember some of these shots?? Ever wonder how I got those balloons to hover so perfectly over Keane??

Well step aside MacGyver, cos those balloons, were actually clipped to the back of his shirt. I call it genius, you on the other hand, might have different word for it.

Another challenge to our shoot was the constant photo bombing by not one…(Crooked)

Not two…(Fintan)

But all three of our furry kids (Dexter)

I have to say that I’m very lucky, Keane is so completely unfazed by all of the camera time I subject him to, but there were moments of frustration when those damn ballon strings insisted on messing up my baby’s do.

Then of course there’s the curiosity chip within every baby that would rather wander off and explore, than stand still and smile for the camera.

And just for a little more fun, I’ve included a few behind-the-scenes images from my recent shoot with baby Parker. Working the old noisy  toy trick.

I love Parker’s face in this shot. She looks so diva as mom makes adjustments to her wardrobe to ensure she is nothing short of flawless for her closeup.

Never more than an arms reach away and ready to recuse any tumbling baby.

3 Responses to “Photo Bloopers”

  1. Angie says:

    Love the balloon trick. Must try that for Bronwyns birthday. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Angie says:

    Love the balloon trick. Must try that for Bronwyns birthday. Thanks for the tip!

  3. nicola says:

    fantastic….colourful and great….and the blog and the words just adds such real life to it all as ifyour there standing besideyou….cant wait tll sept again …love nicola and d

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