Parker is 9 Months

June 26, 2013

Today the blog is buzzing with baby photos, but brace yourself internet for a shock, cos today our featured baby is NOT my own little Keane, (pause for gasp), nope, my over photographed little man has been given the day off to make way for an adorable baby girl I had the privilege of capturing this past weekend. Little Parker has just turned 9 months old, a very important chapter in every baby’s life that deserves to be documented with lots of photos. Photos that will forever freeze her little button nose, her perfect blue eyes, her chubby little legs and her irresistible cheeks.

This is sweet baby Parker.

Parker is one of the happiest little babies I know and she loves, loves attention from any source.

Parker is a big fan of bedtime stories and right now her favorite book for mom to read is Curious George. She even has her very own George monkey that we tried to include in these photos, but George monkey has yet to perfect his own sitting skills.


Gotta love her fabulous little summer hat.

Becoming a big girl that can almost sit on a chair by herself. I say almost cos mom was never more than an arms reach away as I shot fast and furious to ensure that no babies took any unexpected tumbles in our effort to capture these photos.

Parker and her hot momma.

Working her own little reverse wave technique.

We have a standing girl.

There’s that revere wave again.

Parker spotted this bold red faucet and was absolutely determined to get her hands on it.

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