They met on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic and while visually they were not strangers, Andrew went to the same school as Lauren’s brother, they had never actually spoken before. During that trip they made a real connection. Andrew had a girlfriend back home so the connection was never anything more than two people who had found a really good friend in each other. However, upon their return, Andrew’s relationship with his girlfriend ended and that summer he and Lauren began to hangout more and more. By the end of the summer Lauren knew she had fallen for Andrew, in a big way, but she was sure he viewed her as nothing more than a friend, so she kept her feelings to herself and went on to start her first year of college while Andrew stayed to complete his senior year of high school.

From there things became a tangled web of bad timing and other relationships, with Lauren eventually moving to a different state in the hopes that distance would give her some time and space to put her her feelings around Andrew aside. But a return trip home several years later for a friends birthday found the two of them at the same party and that night Andrew found the courage to come clean about his feelings for Lauren, news that both shocked and delighted her. It was still several months later before they became an official couple, but since that moment they have been inseparable. And next month they will officially become husband and wife, finally.

Lauren and Andrew decided to have their engagement session in the small and adorable town of Hampton, GA, the town where Andrew grew up.

And although they both admitted they were nervous to be in front of the camera, you could hardly tell from the way they rocked the fierce out of it.

O-M-G Lauren, stunning.

A cute little train station in Hampton that now serves as the town courthouse, provided us with some nice old southern details to shoot against.

Lauren and Andrew have such a lovely fun and carefree approach to life and each other and I loved being able to capture tiny glimpses of that side of their relationship.

Fabulous couple.

Ladies, I give you permission to hate Lauren, cos those long and luscious eyelashes, are real. So jealous.

I mean seriously, how good looking is this couple??

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  1. Jennifer Ade says:

    Beautiful! Great work Karen :) . You had an easy couple to work with- super cute duo. Great shots!

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