Its Party Time

June 17, 2013

Big weekend last week. Not only did we finally get to celebrate Keane’s 1st birthday, but we finally got to move into our new house. I can’t believe it. Its been a long 14 month project, but we have reached the finish line and it feels Ah-mazing. Everything wrapped up last Wednesday but an executive decision was made to hold off on moving any furniture into the new place until after Keane’s party. That way all of the babies and kids would have the freedom of the house to play and run and not have to worry about spilling drinks or mashing cup cakes and chocolate all over some of the new furniture. I pat myself on the back for that kind of smart thinking.

Keane’s party colours were blue (for his American side) and green (for his Irish side).

If your wondering why there’s 2 birthday cakes, well the one on the left was for civilized eating and the one on the right was for Keane to smash.

Ducks are his favorite thing right now.

His good friend Cannon came to help with the celebrations.

I was worried Keane’s toys were a little too babyish for the bigger kids, I was wrong.

Grandpa Doyle plays a little dump truck with the birthday boy.

Mamma gets Keane ready for his big candle blowing moment.

He hates his hat.

Daddy’s got cake.

Thank you to my friend Gianne for taking these photos. Not having to focus on capturing the moment, meant I was free to fully enjoy living the moment.

Hmmm, not really sure about this cake thing. Texture feels very curious indeed.

Now we’re getting into it.

Baby’s first sugar.

Yummy yummy.

Rachel doing the iPhone videographer and Grandma Doyle.

Piotrek double fists the soda’s, next to The Husband and Mike.

Some of Keane’s school buddies were nice enough to bring their moms.

Want to know who really ate all of the cupcakes?? The grown-ups.

My friend Jessica brought her son Ryder and Keane loved him. Ryder played and chased like a big boy and Keane couldn’t get enough of him.

Lots and lots of present to open, Keane says “Thank You” to everyone for all of their thoughtful gifts.

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