I can’t believe it, we are T – 7 days away from Keane’s 1st Birthday. Where oh where has the last year gone? One minute I’m holding a newborn, a teeny tiny little baby who couldn’t even support the weight of his own head, to now chasing a toddler with a desperate desire for exploration, especially if it involves a toilet, a fridge or a dishwasher, around the house. This time last year, The Husband and I really had no idea that we were 1 week away from having life as we know it change forever. I could fill page after page, rambling on about all of the amazing things, tough things, adorable things and absolutely gross, never to be shared with anyone who isn’t a parent things that have made this first year of parenthood, the toughest most enjoyable year of our lives. But I won’t, instead I’m just going to share with you the photos I took this week of my not so little baby to mark this, his first year milestone. And in case your wondering why I’m doing this a full week before the actual day of his birth, its because tomorrow The Husband, Keane and I are flying to Oregon for a week and my vintage lap-top that’s been threatening to die for the last couple of months, finally passed, so I will be without a way to upload and post the images while we are traveling.

But without further ado, I give you the soon-to-be Birthday Boy.

Already getting into the celebration mood.

Now that Keane is older, he is starting to find ways of letting me know when he does and doesn’t want to do the things I want him to do. His little chair was fun for a minute, but then he began giving me the look that made me feel like I was dishing out punishments instead of capturing adorable life long memories.

We just spotted something shiny or noisy off in the distance, right before we remembered how bored we were.

Since he started walking two weeks ago, life for Keane has taken a turn for the better. He now walks everywhere, even if its just laps around the couch.

Thanks to my friend Derval for grabbing a couple of photos of me and my soon-to-be-Birthday Boy before she left.

2 Responses to “My Soon-To-Be Birthday Boy”

  1. Edward Shinkins says:

    Heh Sis

    It is hard to believe it is a year already since the little man made his entrance. He is an amazing little man and a credit to both you and Paul.

  2. Caitriona says:

    Happy 1st Birthday (when it comes) to a very cute wee man. x

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