I’ve been sitting in front of my computer struggling. I write a sentence and delete it cos it sounds to corny. I write another, but delete it cos its doesn’t say enough. I try again, but delete cos now things might be getting a little too crazy. Basically I’m trying to say that this week my best friend and Keane’s godly mother, Derval left us to go back to Ireland and I’m sad. I know there’s a better way to say it, “Thank You” that is, but for some reason, I just can’t find the right words. Life was so much easier, funnier, tastier, chattier, sillier, ruder, politically incorrect’er and a lot less stressful’er while you were here, so I can’t for the life of me figure out why you wanted to go home??? (confused face). I know you have a life, a fianc√©, a dog, a family and dare I say it “other friends” back in Ireland but over here, you’ve got me and baby Cheeks (Keane’s nickname), so logically there is no reason to ever leave. In a big effort to have you reconsider your decision, I’m posting some photos of your time here, hoping to stir up some kind of emotion that will have you jump on the next plane headed back to Atlanta. Me? Selfish? How dare you : )

Derval’s trip was a mix of business (training and competing) and pleasure, ME! and here she is in the midst of a pretty tough workout.

A position all to familiar to our fellow athletes. Y’all know she is only one 150m run away from fetal position.

And of course there was no going home without getting some fun photos with baby Keane.

A final group shot to say “Good Bye & Thank You and Hurry Back”.

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  1. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Lovely photos Karen!

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