May 23, 2013

He was crying harder than normal, struggling to settle, he didn’t want water, he didn’t want his bottle. Even when I took him into the bed with The Husband and I (and kitty, and occasionally Crooked) he could still find no peace or comfort. I, with my doctorate in medicine specializing in the area of motherhood, with qualifications achieved from The University of Google, diagnosed the situation as, teething. After applying some relieving teething lotion to the gums I snuggled and rocked my little patient, waiting for some form of relief to kick in. Several hours later, somewhere between 3 and 4 am, we had a result. A sleeping baby. Round 2, the following night played out much the same, more tears, more discomfort, more pain and frustration and that was just me. These f*#king teeth were about to send me over the edge, but I powered on with the same treatment and just like the night before, managed to get everyone settled and asleep by 3 or 4am. Round 3, by now i’m sleep deprived and falling apart at the seams and I’m beginingg to entertain the possibility that I might have misdiagnosed the issue. Something is definitely not right. So I call the doctor and take Keane in the next day where I find out that my baby, has in fact got a whopping ear infection. Instantly I felt like the worst mother in the world. THE WORST. The doctor is describing the treatment and medicine she’s about to prescribe but I can barely hear her cos my internal self-talk is screaming at me, “You. Are. The. Worst. Mother. EVER! EVERRRRRRR!” And you The University of Google, you suck. The good news is we are almost a full week into treatment and showing improvement. The bad news, the medicine is causing some explosive diarrhea. But the other good news is we have Keane’s godly mother, Derval on hand to cook up some “replace what the medicine is flushing out, with some yummy nourishing colorful foods in”.

So far the beet risotto with goat cheese, is the crowd favorite.

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