Atlanta Grand Prix

May 22, 2013

We, The Husband and I, our family, exist in 2 different worlds. We have our regular, daily, life away from the track world and then there’s our track world. This time of year things start to get a little crazy and both worlds have a way of colliding, sometimes dramatically. For those who may not know, The Husband is a sports agent to track and field athletes (Click here for his site), but just this year also added NFL agent to his list of credentials. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also inspired to organize and host a world class track meet here in Atlanta, Georgia. This meet happened last weekend and was a HUGE success. The crowds came out and the TV cameras were on hand to capture some amazing performances by some of the worlds top athletes and Olympians. There was even a live band playing throughout the meet that helped bring a little rock n’ roll to the already electric atmosphere. All in all it could not have gone better. Granted The Husband got approximately -2 hours sleep the entire week leading up and in the days immediately following the meet, but I know if you asked him, he’d say it was all worth it and of course he plans to do it all again next year. Crazy ba#tard. And while most of the credit for organizing such an amazing meet lies very much with The Husband, he couldn’t have done it without the help and assistance of so many people, people I’m not even going to try and mention here for fear of leaving someone out, but I will give a small shout out to myself cos its my blog and I can, for my own little contributions to project Atlanta Grand Prix. First of all, the website, with only 2 days to do it and under titanic pressure, I had it complete and live, right on time. You can check it out right HERE for all of the meet details and results. Secondly, for mine and Keane’s taxiing service. Yep, me and my little co-piolit took on some of the responsibilities of driving athletes to and from the track as well as to and from the airport. And let me just tell you, without a doubt, we were the party wagon. Those lucky athletes who got to ride with me and Keane, also got to clap, bounce, sing and shout at the top of their voices to the mad beats of “Old McDonald“, “The Wheels on the Bus” and “Row Row Row Your Boat“, I wish I was kidding. But everyone was such a good sport and Keane really appreciated the participation and enthusiastic singing of all of our athlete passengers, as did his momma. But enough of the jabbering, lets get to some photos of some of the athletes in action at the 2013 Atlanta Grand Prix.

Here were have the 2012 Olympic Champion and World Record holder for the decathlon, Ashton Eaton in action at the shot put.

Trey Hardee, silver medalist at the 2012 Olympic Games and the eventual winner of this shot put event.

This is Brianne Theisen, Canadian heptathlete, London 2012 Olympian and the only girl brave enough to go head to head with the men in the shot put. Here she is being interviewed by 2005 World Champion in the mens shot putt, Adam Nelson.

High-fives for an great competition.

Look who had a ringside seat to all of the shot put action. Although he looks a little concerned at the approaching clouds and possibility of a rain shower.

Local TV stations get a few words from the Olympic Champion.

BFF Derval O’Rourke getting warmed up for the women’s hurdles. Wonder if she’s listening to “Old McDonald” on her iPod???

Lolo Jones, Derval O’Rourke and some of the other ladies competing in the 100m hurdles practice their starts in the warm-up area.

Queen Harrison winner of the first heat of the 100m hurdles and eventual 2nd place finisher in the final.

Derval was a little frustrated with her own performance, so its best if we focus on how cute she was looking rather than the run itself.

Lolo Jones, winner of the 2nd heat and later the winner of the final.

Ashton getting interviewed by our rockstar band The Velveteen Playboys.

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  1. Edward says:

    Congrats to Paul and everyone involved in this, looks like a fantastic event. Thrilled for you all that it was such a success. All of you have a lot to be proud of

    Great job on the website sis, looks great. A woman of many talents: Super mom, photographer, gym instructer and now a web designer. Does your talent know no bounds?

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