I know there’s been mad concern. Almost a week and not a peep out of myself or Keane on the blog front. Well call off the search, cos we are both alive and well and currently taking a wee break in Ireland. I won’t be blogging much while we are over here as we’re trying to focus on spending time with family and catching up with friends. Plus my lap-top which is almost 5 years old, absolutely ancient in computer years, is not firing at full motherboard capacity and is proving to be nothing short of a feckin mare to deal with. So I’m avoiding dealing with it at all cost. But I will go ahead and share a little sneaky peeky of some of the images I will be blogging once I get back to the US and have access to my beast of a desktop.

Keane’s trip to a petting farm with his cousins.

?????? We don’t understand. Surely a misunderstanding.

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