Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013

My husband is from Boston. All of his family still lives there. Today as the news broke about the explosions at the Boston Marathon we scrambled to phones and computers desperate to hear that those near and dear to us, were safe. Usually my nephews Paul and James like to watch the marathon from the sidelines, cheering on each runner while looking for the familiar faces of friends they know are competing. But this year, thank goodness, they decided to stay at home. Words can’t express how grateful we are that they were not among those innocent people injured or otherwise, but as we continue to watch the news footage and hear reports of all those spectators, athletes and volunteers who were not so lucky, the heart aches and the head races with confusion and anger. How can things like this keep happening? It makes absolutely no sense.

Thinking of those suffering as a result of today’s senseless attack, and very very grateful for the safety of our own loved ones.

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  1. Edward says:

    Hi Sis

    Glad everyone is safe and sound. Deepest sympathies to everyone in Boston as a result of the horific events

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