Happy Easter

March 31, 2013

In the past The Husband and I have been guilty of putting forth the minimum effort when it came to celebrating the various holidays. Life was always too busy and one or both of us was always traveling, so holidays slipped past like any other day. But that was life before Keane. Life with Keane is very different. Now both of us go to great lengths to make sure we are together to celebrate each and every holiday. Even if that celebration is on a very small scale, like today’s Easter egg hunt. Total number of participants? 3 people, Mammy, Daddy & Keane, and 3 animals, Fintan, Dexter & Crooked. Rate of enjoyment on a scale of 1 – 10? You’ll have to check out the joy on Keane’s face to figure out the answer.

Daddy and Keane head off to hunt for all the eggs momma hid.

Since it was his first Easter egg hunt, Daddy gave Keane a little assistance in rounding up the first couple of eggs and guided him through the process of putting them in his basket.

He got the hang of it pretty quickly, then of course he wanted to do it all by himself.

Fintan and Crooked keep a close eye on the prized eggs.

Look Daddy, I’m doing it by myself.”

Daddy shows Keane how to open the egg and find out whats inside.

It wasn’t chocolate, but we still munched happily.

The final egg count.

And yes, we are pretty pleased with ourselves.

This is definitely a claps hands type of celebration.

Off on the hunt for more.

2 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. Angie says:

    Looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Fab photos!

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Thanks Ang, hope your 2 wee ones got to load up on plenty of eggs too : )

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