So Near, But Yet So Far

March 29, 2013

The walls are now painted. The doors are up and painted. We have a real staircase with rails and fully completed steps. Heat and air conditioning is fully installed and operational. Hardwood floors are in the midst of being laid and we are in the throws of making our tile selections as we await the arrival of our kitchen next week. Its been such a project for so long, its hard to believe we’re getting so close to actually moving into our house. I’m starting to get giddy with excitement but impatient with desperate anticipation. Yes we are close, but there are still a lot more decisions to be made and tasks both big and small to be accomplished before we can start packing ourselves up and moving ourselves in.

Outside is starting to look like less of a construction site too. This week piles of rubble and various wood, stone, sand and concrete debris were removed from around the house. The ground was leveled, grass seed was sewn and now we await the appearance of the first few blades of Georgia’s best dehydrated looking grass. Keane is no longer house bound so he was able to take his car out for a spin on what will eventually be our future lawn.

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