Sick Days

March 26, 2013

Its been bit of a rough weekend for Keane. He’s been house bound for the past 5 days due to a severe chest infection. It came on pretty suddenly Thursday night. Wheezie chest, struggling to breath and a nasty little cough. Honestly, at times it sounded like my baby had spent the first 9 months of his life smoking 40 cigarettes a day. It was very scary and made for a particularly long night with both The Husband and I watching the baby and the clock willing it to get to 7am already so we could make a call to his doctor. She saw him straight away, prescribed him some medicine and an inhaler and within a few hours he was already doing much better.

Such was his improvement that by Saturday, I had him making good use of his time trapped indoors by teaching him how to do a little window washing.

I think its only fair since he and the doggies are the main causes of all the smudges in the first place.

And since he was in the mood to clean, I also had him wipe down the floors.

The closest he’s gotten to the great outdoors in 5 days.

There he goes smudging up the glass again.

Getting Keane to take his inhaler has been a teeny bit of a challenge. So I found the best approach was to let him play and explore so that administering it became more of a game then a torture session.

“Hmmm, what have we got here?”

“I think I’m suppose to breath into it, but from which end?”

I gave Keane a little help by showing him which way was the right way.

Its funny cos it is.

Finally, we get it to our nose and mouth and are inhaling happily.

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  1. Molly says:

    He is looking SO much like a Doyle these days!!!! House looks beautiful :)

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