Party Like A Pirate

February 26, 2013

This week Keane’s little friend Cannon will be turning 1 so Saturday there was an “Aaaaarrrrggg Maties” kinda celebration thrown in his honor. Pirate babies as far as the eye could see. Keane rocked his best scull and cross bones, with some hidden Japanese messages, pirates of today appear to be very culturally diverse.

He played well with his fellow pirate.

Baby Gavin brought a little hardcore muscle to the party with a very intimidating tattoo.

Keane and birthday boy Cannon engage in a friendly game of something.

Then its time for the man of honor to blow out his first candle and get his first taste of birthday cake.

A little weary of the unfamiliar, daddy Chris gives Cannon a taste.

Absolutely loved Cannon’s reaction, gag reflex riddled.

A second attempt and the result was no better. Cannon hates cake.

Family little shot to finish and a “Happy Birthday” Cannon.

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