Fashion Victims

July 29, 2010

Project Runway is back and I’m very VERY excited. I love this show, love it. Its my personal belief that Heidi Klum and I, if we were to ever met, would be total BFF’s. Tim Gunn for that matter too. Yes, I can see the 3 of us now, hanging out on a Friday night having brutally honest, sarcastically witty conversations over cocktails. Fabulous.

But more than my fictitious celebrity friendships, I love the show for the drama, the fierce creativity and talent, the down right awful, and the straight up bitchiness. We are talking quality reality TV here people. Complete highlight of my Thursday evening. And this season looks like it will not disappoint. I believe I spotted a cat fight and an incident involving an ambulance in some of their “This Season on Project Runway” footage. I can hardly wait.

And speaking of clothing, the other day a shipment of Saucony sportswear arrived for one of Husband’s athletes and I was pumped and proud to see that the very smart and creative people at Saucony, had decided to name one of this season’s hoodies the “Kildare Hoody”. For those not that familiar with Irish geography, Kildare is the county I grew up in, famous mostly for its golf, horses and sheep, it now appears to have elevated itself to a level of coolness deemed worthy of its own hoodie.  Or wait, maybe we’re just a very shifty looking bunch who’s crime rate has struggled to compete with those of the bigger cities due to our limited access to hoodies? Luckily the people at Saucony discovered, through what I’m sure was extensive market research based mostly around focus groups and questionnaires, this highly untapped and potentially profitable market for hoodies. As a result, the people of Kildare can now look forward to higher rankings in future crime rate statistics.

2 Responses to “Fashion Victims”

  1. Derval O Rourke says:

    OMG I got a Kildare hoody today from Saucony.!!!!!

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Go on The Lillie Whites. Wear it with pride Scratcher, esp when your back in the Peoples Republic.

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