Camera Flatline

February 18, 2013

My camera was desperate for a break and I just wasn’t listening. I kept on pushing and shooting and pushing and shooting. Weddings, engagements sessions and of course, Keane. These past few weeks have been non-stop and by Sunday my camera had reached its breaking point, literally. Keane was out taking his new wheels for a test drive (see below), and as usual I was buzzing around capturing each curious look and every joyous smile, until suddenly, I wasn’t. I switched the camera off then on, nothing. I took the battery out, put a fresh fully charged one in, nothing. I took the lens off, put it back on, still nothing. Now I’m nervous. I stopped trying to fix it, for fear that my efforts were doing more harm then good, and first thing this morning, I was on the door step of the camera store begging them to make everything right. Things are not right yet. The diagnosis is a broken circuit, a procedure which will take a few days to correct, but I’m assured that by Wednesday, I will back in full capturing action. Not use to being without my camera for any length off time, it’s creating a little anxiety in both of my hands. I might need to take up needle point or knitting as a way of distracting myself, so look out for all of my little arts and crafts creations on Etsy in the not so distant future.

Check out my sweet new ride.”

Crooked is always so full of love and kisses for Keane.

The flock of flying geese overhead were a little distracting.

So too was the car horn.

A small wave “bye bye” as we drive on.

Taking the new car for a spin on the porch of the new house.

Very exciting.

Eat that steering wheel.

Mama, pull over for a second, I just need to inspect this faucet.”

It wasn’t me.”

Dexter please, your breath”

Crooked, fix your shirt, there’s a camera right there.

2 Responses to “Camera Flatline”

  1. Grandma says:

    OMG!! The pictures just keep getting better & better. I can’t wait until next month!!!

  2. Edward says:

    Hi Sis

    Hope the camera comes back in fully working order so I can continue to enjoy the awesome pictures

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