She was a little bashful in her admission, to her it seemed unromantic, unoriginal and not really something to brag about to the grandchildren. When I asked Reagan how she and her future husband, Michael met, she got a little deflated, “In a bar” she said, a little embarrassed. I on the other hand was ecstatic, cos thats exactly how The Husband (my husband) and I met, “In a bar”. This was our very first conversation and right off the bat Reagan and I had something in common, we had both met our men in the first place people tell you not to look, a bar. Single ladies out there, let this be a lesson, there are actually good men to be found in bars.

Reagan and Michaels story began when she spotted a very tall, very handsome man brush past her on his way to the bathroom. Instantly something ignited in Reagan, she followed him with her eyes, watched carefully to see where he was going. Now knowing the path he would take from the bathroom back to his friends, Reagan made sure to place herself carefully in a spot where he had no choice be to see her. The spot was of utmost importance, one did not want to appear to be some sort of bathroom creeper, no, one was a lady and needed to be viewed as such. Wherever Reagan ended up placing herself, it worked. On his way back to his friends, Michael was stopped dead in his tracks by the tall, stunning blond flashing him an encouraging smile. Their connection was instant. Straight away they both knew, knew that she was now talking to the the man who was going to be her husband and he to the women who was going to make his wife.

I’m so honored to be working with Reagan and Michael and to capture their wedding in less than 2 short weeks. I had such a blast shooting their engagement session and am excited to share some of my favorites.

We have to give a shout out to Reagan’s mom, who put in a lot of time and research to find the perfect location for her daughter and future son-in-law to rock their fierceness.

Rolling rivers, covered bridges and some yummy winter sunshine, what more could we have asked for?

One of my favorites from the session.

I have no idea what kind of sweet nothings Michael was whispering to Reagan, but I love that it gave me the opportunity to capture Reagan’s big smile and genuine laugh.

Rock those boots!


Michael did an amazing job choosing the perfect ring for his bride.

Love this old covered bridge.

I asked Reagan to give Michael a kiss and she basically grabbed him and planted the biggest smooch ever on his lips. I loved it.

Michael and I shared a special moment right before I took this photo and every time I look at it, I know they are both trying not to laugh. True professionals : )

Love. It

Another favorite.

Not sure why Reagan was giving Michael this look as we waited to cross the street, but I really like it.

Yes ma’am.

For even more fabulous photos of this fabulous couple, CLICK HERE FOR SLIDESHOW.

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