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July 27, 2010

They first came into our lives 4 years ago. Two shy’ish girls all the way from Belgium looking for off the track work experience in the world track & field. Three months was the length of their internship. Three months living with Husband and I and working for Doyle Management. However, such was the impression these 2 girls made, that 4 years later, they are still part of our lives. Popping over and back for visits and helping Husband out on the European side of his business.  We refer to them affectionally as “The Waffles”, well, cos their from Belgium, Belgian-Waffles, get it?

Anyway, this year is a special year for both these young ladies. This year they are celebrating 15 years of best-friendness. Yes, its been 15 years since these 2 young girls first showed up at their local track club in Ghent, Belgium and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They both share an obsessive interest in all things track and all things travel and over the past couple of years, they been lucky enough to combine both. And though life has taken them on different paths since college, they still remain close, talk every day, see each other often, travel together when possible and support each other every step of the way on their journey through life.

Both Helena and Kim thought it would be a nice idea to celebrate their 15 years of friendship with a photo shoot and I couldn’t have agreed more. “Waffles I had a blast capturing your 15 year milestone and I hope that whatever life has in store for you, that you will both remain forever besties.”

Because track is what brought them together as friends, it only made sense to start our shoot there, on step no. 15.

If these girls could do anything for the rest of their lives, this would be it.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I shot with Helena and Kim, straight after my shoot with Aston, so some of these photos are also on the University of Oregon Campus and the others we took it to the streets.

We found this display outside American Apparel and couldn’t resist having some fun with the scary, headless, male mannequins.

Work it ladies.

Totally in sync.

A little hang out and gossip time.

Both Helena and Kim have been well bitten by the travel bug and for their next trip they would like to take on Australia.

Your never too old for a little shadow fun.

Stop with the fierceness.

And who doesn’t love a little jump shot??

A different perspective.

4 Responses to “Helena & Kim: Lifestyle”

  1. Kim says:

    Thank you so much Karen! We had a blast that afternoon and the photos, love them, you’re great!

  2. Rachael says:

    Shinks – I am wicked impressed – you have some crazy flavour going on in these photos!

    You go girl!

  3. Karen Shinkins says:

    Kim, your welcome, I’m glad you like the end result.

    Rachael, love to see you dropping by. We need to catch up. I’m e-mailing you this weekend, seriously.

  4. Rupa says:

    These are great — truly shows a great friendship!

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