I didn’t want to it to happen. When the tell tale signs began to show, I willed and forced it not to be true. My week was busy, there was no time for this. But no matter how hard I tired, or how many pills, vitamins, oranges, grapes and bananas I forced into my system, I eventually hit a wall and illness pounced. Yep, it sucker punched me right in the head, throat, nasal passage and stomach. Oh how I raise an angry fist to nasty inflight air. I truly believe I’ve been decommissioned due the gathering, recycling and re-pumping of multiple airborne viruses from the bodies of 200 + passengers.

As a result of my pounding head and my inability to breath clearly, sleep has been difficult, nay, impossible, which is not helping with the healing process. So the other night I decided to take matters into my own hands by calling on the assistance of first world pharmaceuticals and popping a sleeping pill. However, I grossly underestimated the speed at which said pill would kick in and just as I picked up my phone to text Husband, things had already begun to feel weird. The phone screen appeared to be moving in gentle wave like motions and all of a sudden the number of fingers on each of my hands seemed to have doubled. At this point I’d also completely forgotten the true purpose of my text to Husband. I was under the influence and influence had taken over, so I just went with it. The spelling and punctuation here will make my secondary school english teacher cringe, sorry Mr. McDermot.

My Texts:

- Jaysus

- I just took a sleepin pill, oh man

- I feel so wasted

- Trying is hard! I have to manny fingers and the butons are so small

Husband’s Text:

- What is wrong with you?

My Texts:

- I took the sleep pill

- Its makin it all so werid (and it was at this point that I passed right out. Off to blissful drug induced sleep)

This is what my diet has been comprised of for the majority of the week..

Random photo on more carriage house progress.

2 Responses to “Texting Under The Infulence”

  1. Rupa says:

    Sounds familiar…had a similar experience with a Ms. Shinkins when she was in Morocco texting at crazy hours of the night…the last text went like this: “$%%@#k thanks.%#sleeping pill, ok*&$#” — I have the text to prove it! : ) Hope you’re feeling better girlie!

  2. Karen Shinkins says:

    Girl, I deny everything. Wow, I feel like I may have a problem. Celebrity Rehab anyone??

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