Baby’s Jamaican Adventure

December 22, 2012

Its all systems go tonight in chez Shinkins-Doyle. We have returned from our 48 hour trip to Jamaica and we have just over 24 hrs to get our sh*t together before we hit the sky’s again. This time its to spend time with family for Christmas. And we have so much sh*t to get done its not even funny. My head is literally spinning and my adrenaline is pumping, that coupled with the 3 cups of coffee I downed on the flight home has me too jittery to sleep. So since I’m up and bouncing, I figured it would be a good time to share some of the photos from our turnaround Jamaican trip.

I was there to shoot Jamaican sprinter and former world record holder in the men’s 100m, Asafa Powell for his gear sponsor Li Ning, but unfortunately, I’m not able to share photos from the actual shoot as they are now the rights of Sports Illustrated, China, who will be publishing them next month. But I can share some of the behind-the-scenes photos I captured. Most of which are of the worlds best assistant baby, Keane, who was such a trooper. Never fussed, not once. He actually loved every minute of the action and honestly, when you get to spend the day with some of Jamaica’s top Olympians, there’s nothing to really fuss about.

Asafa’s group begin training at 6am, so it was an early start for everyone. Keane got straight into helping him choose the right footwear for his session.

Observing the groups warm-up with Daddy and Coach Francis.

Hard to believe, but this group of world class athletes actually train on a grass track. None of your fancy Mondo’s here. Its basic all the way. Keane makes sure the ground feels just right for sprinting.

With Olympic silver medalist in the 400m from Beijing, Shericka Williams.

After lunch and a power nap, it was back to the weight-room for the afternoon session. And “when in Rome…”, one should rock their very own Bob Marley rasta onesie.

To help Asafa through a tough round of power cleans, Keane gives him an encouraging fist-pump.

Hangin with London 2012 Olympic champion in the women’s 100m, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

Part of the Jamaican World Record breaking 4 x 100m relay team at the London Olympics, Nesta Carter.

Asafa gives Keane the responsibility of taking charge of his calls.

After Daddy takes some camera-phones photos of course.

Keane absolutely loved watching Asafa do his speed-skater drills.

So obviously we had to give him a go.

The face of a dizzy baby.

Silver medalist in the women’s 100m at the Beijing Olympics, Sherone Simpson.

Daddy, Keane and assistant coach Paul Francis.

After along day watching momma work, its time for a dip in the pool.

Making friends. This is Asafa’s 2 month old baby girl, who Keane was very excited to meet.

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  1. Silja Úlfars says:

    wowww I´m still grasping Sport Illustrated China :) But a beautiful boy you guys have and fun photos to look at! :)

  2. Kevin Reid says:

    Nice! Merry Christmas

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