Our Little Training Group

October 26, 2012

The software technicalities continue, but we are definitely making progress. Some systems are back in full working action and others are almost there. So to celebrate the progress, I decided to take a break from the elevated stress and frustration and share a little of what has been going on for us over the past few days.

This week I got the opportunity to jump back into my pace-making ways. My bestfriend Derval (Irish 100m hurdler and all around world beater) has been staying with us for the week and she is currently in the thick of her Fall/Winter training. Lots of 200m runs. Even more 150m runs and endless hill sessions, and since I am one of her besties, that just so happens to have a little experience in the pace-making department, I hit the track daily to help drag her to the target times needed for each distance. Its definitely been a while since I’ve done anything close to this type of training, probably a good year or so, and I only recently got back into running regular miles myself, so I was more than a little nervous at my ability to step up and deliver the type of times and effort she needed. To say I was running scared would be an understatement, but once I’d survived the initial 150m with no pulled muscles, no debilitating lactic and no signs of collapsed lung, the confidence was up and we pounded out some savage sessions. We even had our now little mascot/cheer squad. Keane was a major contributor to the success of our little group. When things got tough, he kept the spirits up with lots of smiles and giggles and even jumped in to assist where and when possible.

Our little training group. Membership exclusive.

Sometimes Keane got a little distracted by his own shadow, but then again, who among us doesn’t??

Offering some moral support to Derval.

Like momma, like son. Do I spy a future Olympian amongst us?

Offering constructive feedback and talking race tactics with Derval.

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