Technical Difficulties

October 23, 2012

I love and I loath technology and right now I’m in a place of loathing. I am an absolute creature of habit and get very comfortable knowing what I know and learning the things I need to get got the job done. When it comes to gadgets and software, please don’t come confusing me with conversations regarding fancy add-ons and bells & whistle like capabilities, I’m not interested. As long as I can make everything do what I need it to do, then all is well in the world, or at least my world. Right now however my world has been turned on its head and I’m in a bit of a mess with a lot of my software programs. Its a little anxiety inducing cos I have no idea what I’m doing and as a result I’m scrabbling around in manic efforts to resolve the issues. So there maybe a tiny hiatus on the blog front as I do my best to get things back on track. Am hoping it won’t take more than a a day or two few, until then I would ask you to please enjoy these shots of Keane at the pumpkin patch while we work hard to get you back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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