We Hit The Lake

September 30, 2012

If there’s one obvious thing you must do while staying in Lake Tahoe, its take a boat out on the lake. It would feel completely wrong not to. The Lake is the biggest most obvious thing happening in this town, well, outside of the casino’s. Plus is was the perfect way to unwind and relax after a busy day pulling double duty as both wedding photographer and at moments, wedding guest. Nothing like the fresh lake and mountain air to blow away the hard partying cobwebs.

We were joined by a few more of the wedding guests who were looking to do the same thing.

And of course Keane got to take his first trip on a boat and even helped daddy with a little of the driving.

A rare shot, Keane and I.

For any track fans out there you might recognize this guy, Ashton Eaton, Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon. Here he decided the best way of testing how cold the water was, was to go ahead and backflip right in.

Apparently is was shockingly cold.

The international symbol for, “hell ya thats cold”

More of baby Keane and daddy.

Even more of baby Keane with daddy and mammy.

This shot was captured by Ashton of a passing cruise boat. Impressive

And this is Ashton, giving the world the big fat thumbs up.

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