Dog Days

September 25, 2012

In a recent conversation with my brother, he brought up the fact that since Keane’s arrival, there has been a serious lack of blog space dedicated to my dogs, Dexter & Crooked, and our kitty cat Fintan. And he’s right. Keane has completely hijacked the spotlight. His arrival caused a shuffle among the order of importance within the house. They are still our furry babies and receive plenty of love and attention, but just not at the level they had become accustomed to. And obviously the amount of time they use to spend in front of my camera, has really taken a blow. So as a way of easing my guilt on the issue and proving that my dogs are still very much cared for, I’m posting a bunch of photos of Dexter & Crooked on their daily walk. Also, Little Paul was able to join us yesterday, so that added a new element of enjoyment.

Dexter needs a minute to break from the heat.

Crooked just needed a drink.

Little Paul checks in on Keane, making sure he’s not getting too hot. Too cute.

We stopped for a while to get a group shot, but Crooked was more into licking faces than posing for the camera.

Eventually we got what we needed.

2 Responses to “Dog Days”

  1. Edel says:

    Karen, you’re an absolute dinger with that camera. You have great shots full of character that make you giggle.Loving Little Paul’s contribution, he looks ace!Keans getting bigger and more like his daddy everyday bless him. How’er things with you? xxx

  2. Hey Edel, things are good and yes, Keane’s packaging is all daddy, but hoping he’s inherited mammy’s mechanics ; ) Lovely to hear from you. Hope your keeping well too.

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