A Special Visit

September 24, 2012

The difficulty with living in Atlanta, Georgia, is that neither The Husband nor I live even remotely close to either of our families. All my family is in Ireland and The Husbands, in Boston. So its a pretty big deal and we tend to get a little over excited when members of the various families do venture down our way for a visit. This past weekend Keane had the pleasure of meeting his uncle Steve (The Husband’s brother) and one of his cousins, four year old Paul, who we refer to as Little Paul as a way of differentiating him from The Husband, also called Paul, make sense?

They flew all the way from Boston and Little Paul even had a small gift for Keane, a toy iPad, and he spent some time showing him how to use.

Then Keane watched as Paul demonstrated how a real iPad worked.

After a power breakfast Big Paul and Little Paul took the 4-wheeler out for a ride around the property.

Keane and I tried to capture a photo of the boys as they went zipping past us.

Somebody got very excited by all the action and commotion.

Later we took a trip into the North Georgia mountains to get our apple picking on.

Hitching a ride out into the orchards on a local tractor.

Little Paul knows the best apples are always the highest, so Steve helps by boasting him to the exact elevation needed to grab them.

Keane is amazed by Paul’s apple picking skills.

Sometimes you gotta improvise and use what you have to get the job done.

Taking a break to get some group shoots. Big Paul, Little Paul and Littler Keane.

The Doyle boys, all rocking the exact same t-shirt, well, except for Keane.

The Doyle boys, and me.

Little Paul demonstrates his wrestling moves on Uncle.

If your wondering whats happening here, your not alone. Little Paul is listening to the noises coming from inside the pumpkin. He swears he heard something.

3 Responses to “A Special Visit”

  1. Grandma says:

    Great pictures Karen!!!

  2. Stephen says:

    Little Paul has already burst into tears twice saying “I miss Uncle”

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