The Play Date

September 17, 2012

Three of us, working at the same office, were pregnant at the same time. Taylor was 3 months ahead of me and I was 3 months ahead of Alli. And guess what? We were all having boys. You couldn’t have planned it better, not even if you tried. And you can just image some of the water cooler conversations going on at the office as all 3 of us shared the raw and uncensored details of our pregnancy trials and tribulations. Lets just say it was by no means a PG conversation. But Taylor’s wee fella, Cannon (I know, his name is way cool) arrived February 29th, yep, a little leap year baby. My wee Keane arrived June 7th and Alli’s precious little Gavin arrived only 2 weeks ago. These boys don’t know it yet, but they were friends even before their arrival. Plans for play dates and trips to the park had long been talked about and today those plans finally got put into motion when Keane and Cannon got together for their very first play date.

And this is little Cannon. He’s now 6 months old and was so proud to show me his newly learned push-up skills.

Cannon and his hot momma Taylor.

Already rocking his very own style.

Ok, so for some reason the moms, (Taylor and I) thought it would be so awesome to lay the boys head to head and opposite each other. Don’t ask me why, we were caught up in the moment and no, there was no drink involved.

Keane was certainly amused by it.

Cannon offers Keane a friendly fist pump.

But later decided to go with a gentle pat on the head instead.

Keane became completely engrossed with one of Cannon’s over head toys.

Oh Wooooow!

Me likey”

In the end we also went with the traditional side by side shot. Cannon had his own special move to add to the final couple of shots, while Keane rocked his “someday I will fit into my shorts” shorts.

4 Responses to “The Play Date”

  1. Edward says:

    Brilliant pics as always. The big eyes on him!! Everything is new and exciting

  2. Caitriona Smith says:

    Cute, cute, cute!!
    Sorry to say it, Karen……Keane looking like his Daddy??!!

  3. Jennifer ade says:

    What lovely pics and handsome lads :) looks like a nice day was had by all :)

  4. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Fab pics! Lovely to see Keane chillin out with his pal.

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