Life’s A Beach

August 16, 2012

After an exciting 2 weeks visiting family and friends in Ireland and meeting up with The Husband in London, we are finally back home in Atlanta, and I am a jet-lagged mess. As a result my thinking is foggy and my reflexes are off and Keane can sense it, cos in the 24 hours since our return, he has projectile vomited on me twice, pee’d on me 3 times and pooped once. Its a bodily fluid shambles up in these here parts, a shambles that has never happened before, well, certainly not to this magnitude. I’m completely off my game and suffering the consequences in the grossest way. I can’t even think clearly enough to string the right words together to accompany this blog, so I’m gonna stop trying. Instead I’m gonna leave you enjoy some of the photos from our day at Brighton Beach in England.

After 2 very intense and tiring weeks at the Olympics, The Husband wanted to get out of London for the day, so we decided to take the short drive to Brighton so Keane could have his first beach like experience.

As you can see, it was a typical British summer day, overcast, windy, slightly chilly and the rain eventually showed up later in the day.

Keane dips his toes in the English Channel.

Here I feel like Keane is begging daddy to pleeeease take him out of this cold water.

Family shot.

Bundling up against the elements.

Keane not very impressed with our windy day at the beach idea.

Symbols of England.

Someone is getting tired and its not Keane.

The fresh sea air made for a very sleepy baby.

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  1. Edward says:

    Amazing pictures sis and looks like you all had a great day despite the English weather

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