It Changes Everything

July 20, 2012

Having read my previous blog on how completely awesome this whole baby sling thing is, The Husband was adamant he wanted in on all the fun. Or was it me being adamant that we find a way of including Keane on our daily dog walking routine?? Either way, the little fella got to tag along this morning and while The Husband grudgingly happily agreed to don the baby sling, I was overly happy to capture the moment my big, strong, manly man of a husband, wore a baby sling. See, having a baby really does change everything.

Just prior to walking and Keane is a little on the sleepy side.

But once we got moving he was fully alert and mesmerized by the surrounding trees .

Rain? No umbrella? No worries, we figured out a way to keep him dry, survivor style.

The face of a baby who just went on an awesome adventure.

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