Humble Pie

July 17, 2012

Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always been prejudice against baby slings. You know those things you strap around your torso? For some reason they just rubbed me the wrong way. Before Keane was born I was asked by several people if I was planning on purchasing a Baby Bjorn. “Your kidding right??!??” said with curled lip and facial expression of one who’d just sucked way too many bitter lemons, “baby slings are so not my style, too granola or somethin”. Well, having now walked a mile in the shoes of mothers everywhere, all I can say is shame on me and my quickness to judge. This sling thing, is a total lifesaver. On days when you find yourself without the help and assistance of others but still needing to accomplish life’s daily tasks, trust me, the sling is suddenly your BFF. Just pop the baby in, buckle him nice and tight and voil√†, all of a sudden you’re a hands-free dog walking, phone answering, vacuuming and cooking machine. Up in these here parts, when that sling is on, sh*t gets done.

This is Keane (shot from my perspective), locked and loaded into his sling and ready to help me walk the doggies.

Workin his Derek Zoolander “Blue Steel”

Look who showed up wondering what was going on.

My attempt at a group shot with Crooked and Dexter.

Crookie begged for a photo with just him and Keane.

Too much stimulation makes for a sleepy baby who can throw around gangsta hand signs.

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