Thanks For the Visit

June 27, 2012

Since Keane’s arrival I realize my blog has been nothing but baby post after baby post, which I’m sure is a little frustrating for those of you who may not be baby people. But when you’re the mother of a new born, there is very little else going on in your day to day life that is not baby related. These days I monitor feeds, how much and how often. Sleeping patterns, or lack there of. Poop output, including frequency, texture and color. I really have become a connoisseur of all things poop. Its gross x 1000 absolutely, but who knew you could tell so much about a person, especially a baby, based on their poo?? But I digress. This post was not suppose to veer off in the direction of baby bowel movements, it was really suppose to be a “Good Bye” post to Keane’s Grandad Shinkins, who came to visit for 10 days but left to go back to Ireland yesterday. Granny Shinkins is going to stay a couple more weeks, but unfortunately Grandad had to get back.

Keane wanted me to post this photo to say “Thank You” for coming to see him.

And also wanted you to know that Granny has been helping him practice his Gaelic Football skills on the ball you sent over. “Up the Lilly Whites”

3 Responses to “Thanks For the Visit”

  1. Angie says:

    Wow, Keane looks so relaxed and chilled in Grandads arms. Obvioulsy and ol’ pro there. It’s great your Mum can stay with you for another while. I’m sure she’ll hate leaving when the time comes.

  2. Sarah Shinkins says:

    Lovely pictures of Keane and his grandad! Your starting him early with the football!

  3. Lisa Adams says:

    awww great pic of Keane and your Dad, terrific, love that he is a Lily Whites fan all the way :)

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