His First Father’s Day

June 16, 2012

It was the 4th, or was it the 5th feed that night? Hard to tell. At this point I’m on auto pilot. Baby wakes, baby cries, I get up, I feed, I change, I swaddle, I lay him back down to hopefully sleep some more. This particular morning, as dawn was starting to break outside and baby was once again beginning to stir, The Husband told me to stay in bed, that he had this one. I tried to go back asleep, but I couldn’t. I’d caught a glimpse of both my boys, sitting together post feed in the early morning light, looking peaceful and adorable and I knew I needed to capture this moment. To persevere it forever. So I did.

Paul, I know I told you this shot was just for me, but I lied. Happy First Father’s Day xoxo

2 Responses to “His First Father’s Day”

  1. Caitriona Smith says:

    Beautiful photo Karen. He’s a wee smasher!

  2. Nicola Coffey says:

    wow very powerful…Funny he cant keep his hands off him Proberly..

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