This week things have been progressing rapidly with the building of our new home. The framers have been here daily, working from the crack of dawn til late evening putting together what is essentially the skeleton of the project. And let me tell you, I’m 100% sure, but some of these men appear to have had at least a basic level of training from The University of Cirque du Soleil. The way they walk across some of those skinny beams, unharnessed and so far off the ground makes me cringe. Yet I continue to look, just so I look away all freaked out.

Yesterday evening, when everyone had left for the day, we took a minute to walk around and assess the progression of not only the outside, but the inside. Yes, there is now an inside forming before our very eyes. And of course we had to take baby Keane on the tour so he can add his stamp of approval to his soon to be new residence.

The back side of the house and of course another “Where’s Crookie?” moment captured in this photo.

The view of the house from the deck of our current not f’real home. And a not so subtle ” Where’s Dexter?” moment.

New Daddy, The Husband and Keane.

The little guy, wide awake and ready for his wee tour.

My second floor view of the boys.

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