What do you say when someone has listened to you stress and vent about how you are so not ready for the arrival of your first born? When they have sat across from you over dinner and coffee (tea in my case) and nodded along to your 5 minute soliloquy on the worlds apparent shortage of bassinet blankets. When they have not only provided a sounding board for your frustration and offloading, but actually took it upon themselves to become part of the solution to said worlds shortage of bassinet blankets by selflessly spending their free evenings over the past 2 weeks, making you your very own, much needed, totally customized blanket. What do you say, when “Thank You” feels like its not enough?

I have the most amazing friends and clients and Jennifer, one of my fabulous brides from last year, is the lady responsible for pimping out baby Shinkins-Doyle’s bassinet with this kickass blanket, and I cannot even begin to thank her enough for her thoughtfulness. Seriously. Jennifer, your a rock star, f’real and we (baby bump and I) love love love it. I’m planning to pack it in my hospital suitcase to make sure baby leaves the hospital in the utmost of original style.

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