Eat Cake

June 30, 2010

Ok so it was getting late and dark tonight when I realized I did not have a photo of the day to post. Nothing. And because it was the end of a long day the creative inspirational juices were not in full flow. The only thing I was completely focused on was a big slice of the chocolate cake sitting in my fridge and a first class seat on the couch to watch one of my favourite shows “Modern Family”. If you have not yet seen this show, all I can say is “shame on you”, its hilarious. Easily the funniest thing on TV since the dawning of “Friends”.

Anyway, as a result of my lazy mindset and my desire for nothing but cake and TV, photo of the day is based around anything even remotely interesting I could find within a 20m radius of the front door. Yep, I was that lazy. So prepare yourself for random.

The lady that own the property before us appeared to have a keen interest in birds. As evident by the large number of little bird houses scattered at various points around the property. Which is a little confusing to be honest, as there is absolutely nothing but tress covering most of our 12 acres. Perhaps she was pioneering some sort of assisted housing for those birds who due to injury or lack of basic bird like instincts, were unable to build a home of their own. Who knows?

And just as I was about to take my place on the couch, remote in one hand, plate with cake in the other, I looked out the window and saw this amazing evening sky. And there was no way this could go without being captured.

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